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CRCBFA Board Members,

Officers, & Committee Chairs

The CRCBFA Board is comprised of members like you, who volunteer their time to advance the wants and needs of the association at local, regional, and national levels. The Board champions the association's goals to ensure our mission statement is maintained in its full meaning and purpose. Please feel free to contact any one of us should you wish to offer a comment, pose an idea, or contribute to the group's effort in making the CRCBFA a successful liaison between the trade and government entities. 


Tina Lyons

Vice President

Tia Sandberg

Secretary / Treasurer

Allison Brady

Past President

Victoria Lane

Board Members

 Allison Brady, Chuck Willis, Tina Lyons, Tia Sandberg, Phil Traylor Andrea Williams

Chairman of the Board

Victoria Lane

Export Chair

Tia Sandberg

Education Chair

Amy Dugan

Legislative Chair

Judy Haggin

 Membership Chair

Allison Brady

 Sponsorship Chair

Becky Watkins

Programs Chair

Cassandra Woods

Programs Committee

Andrea Williams

Import Chair/ Sub Chair

Phil Traylor

Social Media / Website Chair

Andrea Williams

Social Media / Website Committee

Cassandra Woods

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