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People of the CRCBFA - Judy Haggin


What brought you in to the International Trade Industry?

I was working as a secretary for the President of an insurance company in 1977. I became tired of working on a project and my boss getting all of the credit. So I decided to see what else was out in the work field that would give me an opportunity to own the work I was doing. I answered an ad that said “Typist wanted” and it turned out to be a customs broker, J.T. Steeb & Co., Inc. At that time, a broker would type the entry forms (CF3461 & 7501) and accuracy was key. These were carbon 3-part forms and you could not make a mistake. I could type 95 words a minute accurately and I got the job. The rest is history.

What do you love most about being involved with the CRCBFA?

I love the political interaction with our congressional delegates back in D.C. We are in a unique position to actually influence legislation before it becomes law.

You’ve just won a free trip to the moon! You get to pick someone from CBP or one of the 40+ government agencies to go with you, who do you pick and why?

Heather Sykes, Branch Chief, Broker Management, CBP HQ D.C.

I have enjoyed a great working relationship with Heather since she became chief of broker management at HQ. If we were on the moon together, I would be able to talk endlessly with her about the broker exam until she agreed with all of my points of making the exam more reasonable and easier to pass (of course, while still having it properly assess a candidate’s knowledge of the regulations).

In your career so far, what has been the best moment?

Starting my consulting firm – J.L. Haggin & Associates Co.

If you had one piece of advice for people just getting started in Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding what would it be?

Run!!! Seriously, I advise people getting started to take the time, through seminars or on their own, to understand the laws and regulations. They need to understand the business of importing, not just how to key in an entry. They must understand the business from the point of view of Customs, the broker and the importer.

If you had a vessel what would you name it?

JLH Hannah

What is your favorite place to visit in the CR region?

Cannon Beach

And last, but not least, what is your favorite summertime treat?

Oregon Strawberries

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