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People of the CRCBFA - Evelyn Appel-Shaefer


What brought you in to the International Trade Industry?

I had a friend who worked for a Customs broker and they needed someone who could type. My interview: “Can you type?” “Yes.” “Can you start tomorrow.” “Yes.”

What do you love most about being involved with the CRCBFA?

The variety of information and perspectives available to me

It’s Halloween! You’re going to a themed party and the theme is International Trade what or who do you go as?

Herman Melville, Customs Inspector, port of New York

In your career so far, what has been the best moment?

Researching and writing a NAFTA “how-to” for one of the largest companies in Oregon.

If you had one piece of advice for people just getting started in Customs Brokerage and Freight Forwarding what would it be?

Never assume you’re “finished” with anything you do.

If you had a vessel what would you name it?

MV Untrackable

What is your favorite place to visit in the CR region?

Central Oregon

And last but not least what is your favorite fall food and do you have a recipe?

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Click HERE for a version of the recipe!

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